Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Crack Sealing Operators

  1. Minimum of Two (2) Operators are supplied for the works.
  2. Ordinary Time applies to the first 8 hours worked Monday to Friday between 0600 and 1800, then the Overtime Rate applies.
  3. Night Rate applies to the first 8 hours worked Monday to Friday between 1800 and 0600, then the Overtime Rate applies.
  4. Overtime rate applies after eight (8) hours Monday-Friday.
  5. Weekend rates are all hours of Saturday and Sunday through to end of their shift.
  6. Public Holiday rates apply to any hours worked on state or locally gazetted public holiday. Local gazetted holidays are charged for any operators working within the region on this day.
  7. Travel time will be charged at an hourly rate per shift from the Depot / Camp and return. (Travel time is charged in hourly increments).
  8. All breaks are to be taken (OH&S Requirements) after five (5) hours. A crib/overtime meal allowance of $29.50 applies to all shifts at 9.5 hours and 13.5 hours, respectively.
  9. A Living away from home allowance (Meal) applies to all persons who are not at their normal place of residency. This is waived in the instance that the customer (You) has supplied three (3) adequate meals a day per person.
  10. Accommodation is charged accordingly in the rates outlined above. This applies to all persons who we must put up in accommodation for works outside of their normal location for residency. This is waived in the instance that the customer (You) has supplied adequate accommodation per person, per day.
  11. TEC Crack Sealing can at any time that fatigue becomes a concern put their people up in accommodation if it is unsafe for the workers to travelled back to their normal place of residency after a shift. This is payable in full by the customer.
  12. All client specific assessments (pre-employment medical assessments, Drug & Alcohol Testing, functional capacity examination or any other Qualification required) will be charged at normal time and are subject to a minimum four (4) hour charge at the relevant rate.
  13. Stand Down – Working away jobs where a Crack Sealer Operator is staying in accommodation and the job is cancelled for the day a charge of eight (8) hours at normal rate will be charged per Operator.

Vehicle & Equipment

  1. Our Tow vehicle is equipped with flashing beacon lights, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a Spill Kit.
  2. The Crack Sealing Trailer is in roadworthy condition and towed by the TEC Crack Sealing Vehicle only unless authorisation is given by management.
  3. A mine spec vehicle can be provided with 48 hours’ notice and will be quoted separate to standard vehicle hire when required or requested.
  4. A lunch break does not apply to the vehicle and or Crack Sealing Trailer and will be charged for all hours accordingly.
  5. The customer will be responsible for obtaining and supplying any required permits and approvals prior to works being started.
  6. Due to the increasing cost of Fuel TEC Crack Sealing may adjust Vehicle and Crack Sealing prices when fuel costs exceed to $2.20 per l.

Mandated Policy and Procedure

  1. All rates are exclusive of GST.
  2. A two (2) hour cancellation policy applies for any works cancelled if the workers have left to travel to site and the job is cancelled within two (2) hours of the start time a Minimum four (4) hours will be charged.
  3. A four (4) hours minimum applies to all shifts, personnel, and equipment.
  4. A full credit application is to be completed and approved prior to works commencing. Any accounts not set up and approved by this time will be placed on a seven (7) day account and all items must be paid within this timeframe by EFT or Credit Card facilities.
  5. All accounts with a fully approved credit application are placed on a Thirty (30) day account. All invoices will be due thirty (30) days from date of invoice. A late fee of 2% per month can apply to any customers who pay outside of their approved account timeframe.
  6. The customer will pay the cost and expenses incurred by the engagement of debt collection companies if an account is not settled within the agreed customer account timeframe
  7. Please contact us for any queries relating to invoices within 14 days of invoice date. Failure to do so will be deemed as acceptance of charges and is payable in full.
  8. This document supersedes all other previously acquired documents including quotes verbal or written.
  9. Failure to provide TEC Crack Sealing with a current and accurate Purchase Order does not relieve obligation to pay within account period. Delay costs of 2% per month will be added in the event POs are not forthcoming.
  10. Site E.B.A.’s and specific allowances will be in addition to the above rates if applicable.
  11. Estimates – All Estimates are based on information provided, actual invoicing will reflect hours / works completed
  12. If engaged, de-scoping of works by the client will trigger profit and damages to be payable and entitled across the remaining life of the project. This clause is void if material breach of contract experienced.
  13. Any credit extension to the applicant may be reduced or eliminated if TEC Crack Sealing in its reasonable discretion, determines that the Applicant’s financial situation or ability to pay is impaired.
  14. By accepting our proposal, you authorise TEC Crack Sealing to make inquiries into the banking and business/trade reference that you have supplied.
  15. The rates and conditions are subject to change at TEC Crack Sealings sole discretion.
  16. A variation charge is triggered if a rate has not been supplied during quoting. The burden remains with the client to ask for the variation rate before engaging TEC Crack Sealing for services not quoted. In this event, TEC Crack Sealing will charge its desired rates, at our sole discretion.
  17. During the period of assignment, temporary staff are always under the care and supervision of the client regarding hours worked, safety regulation and the manner in which the work is performed. The client acknowledges and agrees that it shall be fully responsible to comply with requirements of the Workplace Health and Safety Act and any other legislation governing workplace practices and safety. The client further acknowledges that TEC Crack Sealing shall provide temporary staff with a general safety induction, upon the client’s request. Such induction is not specific to the needs of the client, and it shall be the responsibility of the client to ensure all safety training is conducted prior to the commencement of duties by temporary staff.
  18. Client Obligations:
    The client acknowledges that TEC Crack Sealing are not performing the services required of our employees or independent contractors; but are instead the supplier of our employees and independent contractors, at the client’s request, to perform the work, that it has requested. From time to time our employees or independent contractors report to the client for their duties, they are under the care, control, and supervision of the client for the duration of the assignment.